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Text yourself notes, tasks, and more.

Use tetr’s special chat interface to organize your life and have your thoughts saved, reminders scheduled and habits tracked.

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Chat page showing todo task exampleTraditional todo list page

Quick Tasks

We often have a lot of things to do yet apps make us go through so many hoops to actually keep track of them. In tetr you can have a reminder set up in seconds without thinking much about it.


Journal with ease

With tetr, you can manage tasks and journal in one place by just sending texts along with things like mood checkins for mood tracking and personal analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tetr?

tetr is a productivity and mindfulness app that uses a texting-based interface to help users schedule reminders, create to-do lists, journal with ease, and a lot more. It’s designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing you to send quick text messages to yourself to save thoughts, set reminders, and track tasks.

Is my data safe with tetr?

Yes, absolutely. We prioritize user privacy and selling data is not and will never be part of tetr’s model. Messages are locally stored and encrypted during backups. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

What platforms is tetr available on?

tetr is currently available on iOS and will be available on Mac and Android in the future.

Is tetr free?

tetr is free to download and use without ads. For more features and greater customization, you can upgrade to tetr Pro.

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Can I suggest a new feature?

Certainly! You can suggest features through the tetr Feature Request platform.

Who do I contact for questions or feedback for tetr?

For any questions or assistance, you can reach out to our support team through the Feedback form inside the app, on our Instagram page, our quick feedback form or via email at

Now on the App Store

tetr is now available for iOS and iPadOS.

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